Wednesday 13 December 2017

Pavements like dogs' dinners

THE WORLD is on the brink of starvation – but you would never believe it when walking the streets of our towns in County Wexford. The population of our planet is rising steadily while the agriculture which supports the growing mass of humanity is wracked by alternating floods and drought.

Yet, with blithe disregard of rising global commodity prices, folk in these parts appear to think nothing of scattering a dog's dinner of unconsidered foodstuff on our pavements. Actually, it is more a dog's smorgasbord, or dog's buffet.

Since joining the pup walking classes, I notice that our footpaths and public parks are often littered with discarded edibles – and almost edibles. The recent spell of reasonably dry weather has tempted more people to snack on the hoof or picnic informally in the open spaces. They are messy eaters.

The result is that the pooch is constantly straining at the leash to hoover up the unconsidered titbits.

Still, presumably all this al fresco doggie dining must lead a saving on proper pet food.

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