Monday 18 December 2017

Preparation under way for Wexford Half Marathon

If 'misery likes company' then it stands to reason that 'success follows success'. From this narrow choice - ask yourself which section do you belong in now? I used the word 'now' on purpose because we are all capable of changing. However change can be scary. Change can be resisted not just by ourselves but also by the groups we circulate within. Listen carefully to the reaction you receive from others when you announce you are going to do something new and challenging. Is it praise or protest?

If it is protest please be aware that sometimes it comes from a place of love and concern (which is nice) but it might also be mollycoddling. Within your peers it can be unsettling for a group to see you prosper thus leaving them behind. The 'who does she think she is' brigade might ignite. Let them! Are you going to live your life according to how others think you should? There is a book called 'The 5 regrets of the Dying' and that is one of the five regrets.

Set yourself on the road to success and stay strong. It is very likely that you will motivate others to follow you. What are you waiting for… Permission?

Once you achieve your goal it is always there in your 'toolbox of success' to call upon for motivation, good memories and gratitude. Sign up for one of the races (Half marathon or 10km) in the Wexford Town Half Marathon on April 17to get you on track. And remember we need 1,500 entries to donate €4,000 to two great charities Wexford Marine Watch & Pieta House

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