Sunday 25 August 2019

Purchasing a new steam iron will really change your life

Justine O'mahony

IGOT a new iron this week. That may not sound like an earth shattering event to most of you but for me it was a 'crack open the champagne' moment.

It has become apparent to me that what once was a life of sleeping late, shopping, occasionally working, going to bars and dancing round my handbag in nightclubs (actually I NEVER did that last one. I have some self respect!) has over the years become a life of washing, cleaning, cooking, occasionally working, shouting and ironing.

And no, I'm not going to start complaining about the amount of washing my family generates or how they are hungry little beggars who always want something I don't have. What would be the point in complaining? I'm only going to have to do it all again tomorrow.

Therefore because I spend so much time carrying out these activities every day, I think it's only fair I get excited about my new purchase of the Morphy Richards Jet Stream.

For those of you who don't have to iron mountains of clothes each week, skip to the next page. This will not be of interest to you.

But for those of you, and I don't want to sound sexist, but I know you are all ladies, who spend hours each week, giving yourself ironing elbow as you try and beat the creases out of cotton shirts, this machine will change your life!

It glides across wrinkled laundry, making them smooth and crease free in a matter of seconds. I ironed shirts, jeans, boxer shorts (that was a first) and even the tea towels, just for the craic. Although I'm sure the novelty will wear off on that front very soon. I really don't want the boys getting used to ironed boxer shorts. They may want matching socks next.

In fact so excited was I that I decided to put a picture of my beloved iron on Facebook. Within minutes I had replies from about 15 friends all saying that they had bought the iron and were madly in love with it too. This confession was followed by "how sad are we," comments.

Tis true and once upon a time we were kinda cool. How things change!

I don't care if I'm not cool anymore. My iron halved the time it took me to do my normal load, allowing me to sit down with a G& T to watch Holby City and paint my nails as well.

"Look," I said to Himself. "You could cut your finger on that crease," proudly holding up one of his work shirts.

"How much did that cost?" was his only comment. "Only €100," I replied. Cue explosion from male of the species who never irons and doesn't appreciate that a good workman needs good tools....or something like that.

"€100 for a bloody iron?! Are you off your head?" he shouts at me. "Well do you know what? You can do your own bloody ironing from now on then," I snap back before throwing his lovely pile of freshly ironed shirts at him.

"I could pay someone to do them for that price," he retorts.

Always has to get the last word!

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