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Remedies for sending them back to school

The flower essence Aspen is a good one to use.
The flower essence Aspen is a good one to use.

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It's back to school already, so now is a good time to consider giving your young child or teenager a multivitamin to keep them in tip top shape. Not surprisingly they can be tired for the first couple of weeks of school trying to get back into the routine of it all. Especially if it has been a busy summer of activities and late nights, it all catches up on them. A month or two of a multivitamin can help get them back on track.

Depending on the age you could try Revive Active Teen, or Junior, it supports immunity, digestion, cognitive function, and energy levels, a good all round supplement.

If you would prefer a supplement to help protect them from picking up colds and runny noses the first week back in school there are options too. Consider Vitamin C, D or Zinc, beta glucans. Or Echinacea, suitable from 12 years.

Some students will be in an exam year so as well as a multivitamin they could also take fish oils. Fish oil can take some time before the effect is seen but they are extremely important for cognitive function, memory, mood, and can support immunity too. Eskimo oil is one that I see good results with.

As well as topping up on the nutrients to support energy, and immunity they'll need a good night's sleep. A good sleep will help mood, memory, concentration, immunity, and increase energy levels. Rescue Remedy Night is a gentle remedy to help get them back into a routine if needed.

Anxiety can be an issue for some children returning to school or for students starting off in college. Higher Nature Balance For Nerves is worth trying, it's suitable from age 6.

The flower essence Aspen is a good essence for fear of the unknown outcome, which can cause anxiety. For example, not knowing where they'll sit in school, or who their friend will be, or maybe they're nervous wondering what their teacher will be like; there might be anxieties around college life and what that will be like. These are all anxieties that are associated with this remedy. It's worth trying if they feel this type of fear/anxiety.

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