Thursday 23 May 2019

Remedies for thinning hair and hair loss

INSIGHT Loss Control Fortifying Treatment could help prevent hair loss
INSIGHT Loss Control Fortifying Treatment could help prevent hair loss

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Thinning hair and hair loss is extremely worrying and distressing. Many women experience this, and thankfully, for many, hair growth returns to normal. It often happens after a stressful period and is also associated with thyroid problems, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, or weak digestion. Sometimes it's your hairdresser that notices and points out changes in the volume of your hair.

If you experience hair loss during or after a stressful period you could take B complex to help you cope with the stress, improve energy, and to support healthy hair growth. It could be as simple as that and for many it is. On-going stress can affect digestion and how you absorb the nutrients from your food. You could also take a digestive enzyme with each meal so that you get the full health benefit of the food.

A deficiency of Biotin is common, and for many simply taking biotin for a couple of months makes a huge difference.

New Nordic Hair Volume is another option. It contains a mix of nutrients essential for hair growth and volume. It includes Horsetail, a natural source of Silica, plus Biotin, Zinc, and Copper. It includes Apple Extract which contains a follicle stimulating B vitamin and millet extract which is one of the building blocks of hair proteins. Many customers get great results with Hair Volume. If you're stressed you can take it with B complex. Eat couple of brazil nuts every day for selenium-an important nutrient for hair health and thyroid function. Add in some omega oils to ensure adequate levels of essential fatty acids. This will provide you with an excellent combination of nutrients to support normal hair growth.

You might also be interested to try INSIGHT Loss Control Fortifying Shampoo and Fortifying Treatment which is an intensive program designed to prevent hair loss. The fortifying shampoo is specifically formulated to help prevent hair loss and strengthen the hair through a stimulation action on the hair bulb. The fortifying treatment stimulates the micro-circulation and fortifies the hair fibre.

Working from the outside with INSIGHT intensive program, and from the inside with diet and supplements will help you achieve optimum results.

Call into your local health food store-the staff will be happy to help you.

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