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Remedies that could help ease you into a more enjoyable holiday

Bach Rescue Remedy is one option if you are feeling stressed or anxious ahead of a holiday
Bach Rescue Remedy is one option if you are feeling stressed or anxious ahead of a holiday

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Are you planning on a trip abroad? Don't forget to take Rescue Remedy. It's great to take if you're feeling a bit anxious or nervous about the trip.

I recently travelled to Switzerland and was glad I had taken it because when I got to the airport I was told that my flight had been cancelled, needless to say I was shocked, and was feeling a bit panicky. I had some Rescue Lozenges in my pocket and took one while I waited. Thankfully my flight was sorted out about an hour later but it meant that I had to run, heart pounding, to make it to the plane with minutes to spare. I was glad I had the Rescue Remedy!

Things to pack to make sure you have a good trip include saccharomyces boulardi which will help with traveller's tummy especially diarrhoea. If you're prone to constipation choose a probiotic supplement that contains bifidobacterium. For bloating try Optibac One Week Flat.

Tons of sunscreen is washed into the sea every year why not select a product that is reef safe. This way you will be protecting oceanic life as well as putting a better quality product on your skin. Green People is one brand that I am aware of. This sunscreen can help prevent prickly heat too.

If you're prone to prickly heat, a rash that looks similar to nettle sting, you could take nettle tablets or tincture before you travel, this is a natural antihistamine and has helped prevent this rash for many people. Continue to take it throughout your holiday.

For travel sickness try Ginger biscuits, Gin Gin ginger sweets, or the Sea Band acupressure travel band is another option.

Milk Thistle is good to have at hand to help with hangovers and the effect of overindulging.

Sleep or the lack of it can be a problem for many people when they are abroad. Rescue Remedy Night, A. Vogel Dormeasan, or Melissa Dream, are just some of the sleep remedies that you could try.

Stressveda a supplement that contains ashwaganda a great remedy for stress and extra energy. After a busy year it can take a couple of days before you unwind totally. Stressveda can help you unwind and relax.

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