Tuesday 17 July 2018

Remedies to help you sleep

By Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

Do you have difficulty getting to sleep or simply staying asleep? There are natural remedies that can help.

Valerian is a well-known herbal remedy to help improve sleep. It has sedative properties which help relaxation, tense muscles, anxiety, and can help you get into a regular pattern of sleeping. I like A.Vogel Dormeasan because it includes both Valerian and Hops; Hops are used to help relieve anxiety which is often a factor in sleep problems. Dormeasan is a well-researched product, it improves the quality of sleep and the amount of time you spend deeply asleep helping you to feel more refreshed on waking. If it's the correct remedy for you it should work quite quickly. If not it may need the support of another remedy or a lifestyle change.

Worrying, or stressful thoughts can can keep you awake with all the days troubles going around in your head all night. Jan De Vries Night Essence or Bach Remedy Rescue Night can help to switch off and calm a busy mind.

Stress and tension can keep you from relaxing and getting off to sleep. Customers get good results with Melissa Dream tablets. This includes B Vitamins which will help you deal with every day stress. It contains Magnesium which can help relax tense muscles, Lemon Balm to help with relaxation, and anxiety, and L-Theanine to calm your mind.

Noctura is a remedy that I recently mentioned in a previous article, but unfortunately it's not available right now. New Vistas Sleep Ease is a homeopathic remedy that you could try instead of it to help relax and prepare the body for sleep. They have similar properties.

If its restless legs that's keeping you awake try Magnesium. This is one of the most important minerals in the body. If you're deficient other signs can include insomnia, leg cramps, and muscle tension. Many customers use Magnesium to help sleep with good results.

If hot flushes are keeping you awake you may get better results by dealing with the hot flushes first.

If nightmares are preventing you getting a good night sleep you could try Vitamin B1.

Herbal teas also help you could try Yogi Bedtime, Clipper Snore and Peace, or a blend that includes Valerian or Camomile.

I do hope you manage to get a good night's sleep soon!

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