Wednesday 23 October 2019

Revive Active for kids - new and unique supplement

Aren't we spoilt for choice when it comes to top class supplements for our children?
Aren't we spoilt for choice when it comes to top class supplements for our children?

Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

I am excited to tell you about Revive Active Junior and Revive Active Teen, two new and unique Irish made supplements that have just hit the shelves. They are formulated to help keep your children healthy and strong so that your child spends less time home from school sick. These products come from the makers of the very popular Revive Active Joint Complex, a supplement that I highly recommend. As such I have complete faith in these new supplements.

But why do I like these new Revive Junior/ Teen products so much? Well, most importantly they contain an excellent range of nutrients, with no added sugar or flavours. A unique feature is that you can add them to water, juice, cereal, or yoghurts. I like that you only give them to your children during the school week, you can have the weekends off.

The ingredients have been carefully selected with particular emphasis placed on nutrients to support energy, immunity, bone function, heart health, mental performance and cognitive function. Revive Active Junior is suitable from age 5- 12. Revive Active Teen is suitable for age 13-19 year old. Both products contain the same ingredients but in different doses to suit the age of the child.

Active Revive contains Wellmune Beta Glucans which are clinically proven to help strengthen the immune system; Beta Glucans can help prevent recurring infections, especially infections of the upper respiratory system, children taking wellmune were reported to have two thirds fewer upper respiratory infection symptoms. Vitamin A, C, D, Selenium, and Zinc are included to support immunity.

And as you know Vitamin D and Zinc also support bone function. Magnesium and Vitamin K are also included to keep their bones strong. Lots of children are involved in after school activities so these are fantastic nutrients to include.

They contain B Vitamins, Iron, and Magnesium to maintain energy levels so that your child can concentrate in school, and focus on the task in hand. They also contain Choline, an important nutrient which provides food to fuel the brain.

A particular strain of probiotics is used that can help with diarrhoea, and other digestive symptoms that can affect young children.

Aren't we spoilt for choice when it comes to top class supplements for our children? Check them out at your local health store.

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