Tuesday 20 August 2019

Saorview – free digital service you get with an aerial

What is Saorview?

Saorview is a free digital television service you receive with an aerial.

It brings you all your favourite Irish channels in digital quality, for free.

Saorview replaces the current free analogue TV signal which you receive through your aerial.

When is the switch off?

The analogue switch-off will happen in Ireland on October 24.

People who rely on this service to get Irish TV will have to switch to digital before October 24 or their screens will go blank.

Saorview is the free digital replacement for this service.

Cany anyone get Saorview?

Saorview is available to 97% of the Irish population now and this will increase to 98% on October 24.

Do I have to buy a new television?

You don't need to buy a new television to get Saorview. If you want to keep your existing TV, you will need a Saorview approved set-top-box to connect to your TV and aerial.

I get TV with an aerial. Do I need Saorview?

Yes, if you use an aerial anywhere in your home to get TV, you need to switch to Saorview before October 24.

I Have a free satellite system. Do I need Saorview?

Your free satellite system will not be affected by Analogue Switch Off. Many people with free satellite systems watch international channels on satellite and use an aerial to get their Irish channels. If you use an aerial on any TV in your home, you need to switch to Saorview.

Can I get Saorview with my SKY Box?

No. Saorview is not a satellite service and needs a different type of decoder box. You need a Saorview approved set-top-box and a UHF aerial to get Saorview.

How much does switching cost?

For most households currently receiving analogue telvision through a rooftop aerial, the cost of switching will simple be the cost of a Saorview approved set-topbox or TV.

Basic Saorview approved set-top-boxes currently cost from €60 to €100.

Saorview approved T.V.'s start at €120 for the smallest size.

Will the Television Licence increase because of Saorview?

No. There will be no increase in the licence fee as a result of the move to Saorview.

How do I know if I have Saorview already?

If you can get RTE News on your TV, you already have Saorview.

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