Sunday 20 October 2019

Sky's not the limit for Justin

WE had a bit of a revamp of the domestic finances recently and decided that Sky Multiroom had to go, as we don't use it enough to justify the €15 a month extra. For those of you who don't know, Multiroom allows you to use two Sky boxes and watch different channels in separate rooms. So you could be watching Blackburn kick Man U off the pitch at Old Trafford in the bedroom while the kids are watching a Disney classic in the sitting room, although given they're both fairytales, that's not a very good example.

Cancelling anything with Sky is not easy. First you have to navigate your way through layers of menus on the phone; then they make you doubt yourself with a counteroffer. ' I can reduce it to €10,' said the Sky lady, but we stuck by our guns. 'Well, if you change your mind.....'.

Last week, we changed our mind and phoned Sky back. 'I'll take Multiroom again, for the €10,' I said. 'Sorry,' said the Sky man, ' that must have been an offer from our cancellations department. It'll be €15'.

The message is, with Sky you really have to strike while the iron's hot.

Now, I know what you're thinking: what's a fiver a month. Well, it obviously means a lot to Sky who wouldn't budge.

The thing is, how did we ever come to accept this whole Multiroom concept in the first place?

Isn't it the same as your broadband supplier charging extra because you have a laptop and desktop in different parts of the house online at the same time?

And what if record companies follow Sky's lead? Your daughter is blasting out Myley Cyrus in her room, and you want to play U2 on your iPod in the kitchen. But when you click play, a voice pipes up: ' WARNING! you have now activated Multiroom. To play songs in a second room please visit to take out your €15 a month subscription'. Anyway, on a completely unrelated topic, word is that Justin Bieber has forked out $1 million on girlfriend Selena Gomez in the few months they've been dating.

According to In Touch magazine, 'friends' of the star are concerned that he's running through his fortune to impress Gomez. He hired out the entire Staples Centre in LA last month just to have an intimate dinner with his girl, and then watch ' Titanic' on the stadium's giant screen.

As he's amassed around $100m to date, we think there's little fear that the money will run out any time soon.

And we bet he doesn't have a problem paying for Multiroom either.

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