Friday 20 September 2019

Some tips for parents going on holidays with children


Pack anything that fits in a carry-on bag that will help keep your child entertained for as long as possible. That means toys, coloring books, reading books, stuffed animals, dolls, interactive learning toys, DVD players, MP3 or other music players --whatever you have that works. If you can afford it, buy some new toys, books, DVDs or music just for the flight. Don't bring them all out at once, though. Bring out one item at a time for your child to play with.


Don't count on the airline to have what your child needs to eat and drink. Bring along lots of healthy snacks to eat during the flight, including crackers, raisins, dry cereal and fruit snacks. If they're old enough, give them gum to chew on to help with air pressure changes after takeoff and before landing. If they're still drinking from the bottle or nursing, the sucking motion can also help relieve pressure problems. Flying can dehydrate both children and adults. Make sure your child keeps drinking throughout the flight. Bring a sippy cup or bottle and keep it filled with water or milk.


Familiar blankets, stuffed animals and other comfort items can be essential tools for calming down a frustrated child. Bring backups in case you lose one or it gets left behind. You don't want a temper tantrum on the plane because a blanket was left at the gate.

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