Sunday 18 August 2019

Some tips for your holiday in the sun

By Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

Here are some tips to help you have a great holiday in the sun.

Some of you are scared of flying, or in the current climate are becoming fearful of travel. Rescue Remedy, or Passiflora Complex, are two remedies that customers use to calm their nerves. These remedies help when you're feeling under pressure.

To prevent mosquito bites take B1 along with garlic for a couple of weeks before the holiday and during your stay. You need high strength B1 for this to be of benefit. Incognito Mosquito Spray is safe for the whole family. Last year a customer told me that they had gone abroad to a camp site. She said that her family were the only ones to survive without getting bitten by mosquitoes. She told me because they all normally attract them and thought that other people would like to know how good this spray is.

Take Echinacea Throat Spray with you to help prevent picking up infection or bugs from neighbouring passengers. It's an ideal remedy for this, or to treat a cold that you may pick up on your travels. You can take it on the plane with you.

To relieve prickly heat try Urtica tincture or nettle capsules to calm and relieve the symptoms. You need to take it for a few weeks before and during your trip. Some people find that sunscreens, even the ones that are marketed for sensitive skin can cause prickly heat rash. Changing to a natural sunscreen solves the problem for many people. Brands like Green People and Jasons are a great choice if you have this problem.

If you suffer from upset stomach with the change of diet when you're abroad take a good probiotic with you. This will help with the symptoms of bloating and stomach discomfort.

Venagel is a gel that you can use to relieve tired aching heavy on long haul flights, or you could use it at the end of a busy day sight-seeing.

And if you've over indulged on holiday food and drink then you could take Milk Thistle Complex to support your liver. It's known as the hangover helper due to its detoxing and liver protecting effect. It can be taken when you need it.

I hope wherever you go that you have a great holiday.

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