Wednesday 23 October 2019

Something for everyone in Eamon's fantastic artwork

THERE WAS something for everybody at the launch of Taghmonborn artist, Eamon Byrne's exhibition in O'Toole's on South Main Street on Thursday night. A vast selection of paintings were on display catering to a wide range of tastes, from a variety of portraits, including such famous faces as Ray Charles and Barack and Michelle Obama, to beautiful landscapes capturing a range of views such as Wexford Harbour, Kilmore Quay and Brown's Castle.

Eamon is a native of Taghmon, and is well known locally for his involvement in drama. He has since relocated to Edenderry Co. Offaly, but has been looking forward to his return home for what is his first time exhibiting at Wexford Festival Opera.

Whilst a vast array of work was on display ranging from 2003 onwards, the artist admits he has a particular passion for what he regards to be ' the hardest discipline' – portraits. 'Sometimes you have to punish yourself to get it exactly right,' Eamon said. 'You wouldn't notice a blade of grass out of place in a landscape, whereas an eyebrow that is even slightly off in a portrait can change the whole picture.'

There is a hidden depth to Eamon's portraits however, something which on close inspection becomes evident. As the artist himself says, he tries to capture 'not just the physical countenance of the subjects, but what goes on behind the eyes, what makes them tick.'

Eamon's paintings will be on show at O'Toole's South Main Street for the duration of the festival.

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