Saturday 21 September 2019


AS spring arrives, motorists must brace themselves for a series of battered suspensions and blow-outs.

According to a recent AA poll of 3,000 Motorists, 85% of drivers have hit a pot hole within the last month with many drivers reporting that they are dealing with broken road surfaces on a daily basis. RENAULT Ireland has launched a five-year extended warranty programme for all new Renault cars and vans. Available to individual motorists and fleets, the new Renault For You programme allows Renault customers to extend their manufacturer warranty from the current three-year term to up to five years' unlimited mileage with comprehensive breakdown cover included. AUDI has introduced a range of price cuts, focused mainly on service/maintenance and collision repair parts. Brake pads for example are down by 14 percent on average, timing belt kits by 19 percent and bumpers by 15%.

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