Monday 22 January 2018

Strict protocols are followed in quality of beef

Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

I wrote an article a while ago saying that people who eat meat have to contend with meat that is loaded with antibiotics and all sorts of medication, which we are in turn consuming.

Now, I need to amend my comments on the matter as I had not been correct in what I had said.

Shortly after the article was printed I received a phone call from a beef farmer who gently put me in my place. The lady told me that if an animal has had antibiotics they have to wait for a withdrawal period before slaughter.

And in no way will the animal be slaughtered if there is any residue of antibiotics left. Any meat that is Board Bia approved will say Origin Ireland and have the Tricolour logo ,as well as the Q symbol this guarantees that strict protocols are followed.

So I am sorry if I put anyone of their meat.

I am sure that many of you tutted to yourself when you read this knowing that I was wrong in what I said, and put very little pass on the matter. But the problem is that when we read things like this, we tend to believe that what we have read is true, we use the information to support our own theories and opinions, reinforcing what we have chosen to think or believe.

This is great when the source of information are accurate and true, it is however, very unfair when someone's livelihood is affected by the subject matter in question.

So if we are to base our beliefs on what we read, then we need to know that the source is accurate, and honest.

Thank you to all who keep me on my toes, and who read this column.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome even if I can't always respond here they are appreciated.

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