Sunday 20 October 2019

Suicide 'like a cancer in our community'

David Tucker

THE FATHER of a young Wexford man who took his own life, says suicide is like a cancer in our community.

'Everyone in Wexford knows someone affected by cancer and everyone here knows someone involved in suicide in some way or another.

'Suicide is like a cancer here,' said John Taylor, whose 33-year-old son Anthony was found dead at his home 10 days ago.

'I know people here who have lost three family members to suicide, now (my wife) Margaret and myself have to endure it too,' said John, from Talbot Green.

John did not want so speculate on what might have prompted his son to do what he did.

'If Anthony had talked to somebody there may have been a different outcome,' he said.

'But like many young men he had a stubborn streak and wouldn't be a man to talk about his problems.'

John said that while there were supports in place for people contemplating suicide, getting them to make contact with them was a major problem.

And, he said, some young people saw suicide as a way out because 'of a lack of hope.'

'They see no future and a dead end and things have only got worse,' he said, adding that the government needed to prioritise a meaningful campaign to combat the scourge which has taken so many young lives.

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