Thursday 23 November 2017

Technically magnificent Forza tops the lot again

By Chris Hayes - Game Review


The seemingly endless discourse concerning which racing simulator should claim the crown as the best of the lot is a tough one to settle, but Forza 6 has made that decision easier by an enormous margin. Forza 6 is undeniably the biggest, broadest and best instalment in the series to date.

Forza 6 is not just content with being the top dog in the racing genre - it wants you to notice how technically magnificent it is aswell. The rainfall effect in Forza 6 is just astounding, to the point where not mentioning it as the first notable point in a review wouldn't be doing it justice. The streaking droplets on the windscreen, which slosh under the wipers and trace left or right with cornering forces, are a big step up from Horizon 2 - far closer to the likes of Driveclub - but it's the 3D puddles of standing water all around the tracks that really make Forza 6's wet weather racing an unmissable experience.

Hitting a puddle will cause one side of your car to slow down from the drag of the water. Notice a small lake on the apex of your favourite corner? Take a wider line; you can't steer when you're skimming over the water's surface. It makes for incredibly immersive racing, and really makes it feel as if the track is actively trying to kill you. That this is all achieved with 24 cars on the track at a steady 60 frames-per-second makes it all the more impressive.

When it comes to the car roster, nobody does it quite like Turn 10. Unlike some of the older Gran Turismo games, it feels like every car in Forza 6 actually has a reason to be in the game. From cult 80's and 90's performance favourites to today's cutting-edge hypercar monsters, from 60's and 70's F1 card to pre-war open-wheel deathtraps, Forza 6 has pretty much everything you could ever ask for, and then a few more hidden gems as the icing on the cake.

The regular career races in Forza 6 are delivered in a more linear fashion than Forza 5, which means you can't just hop straight into a racing series in the cars you want to race. The biggest problem here, really, is the pretty dated top-3-or-bust progression system. Anyone who has played Dirt, Project CARS or Grid will find this system a little taxing.

Like the culmination of every childhood car-racing game fantasy, Forza 6 delivers on too many levels to be able to accurately sum up just how good this game is. Any points against the game are automatically razed by just how good the rest of it it. Forza 6 is a masterpiece and you should buy it.


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