Friday 6 December 2019

The biggest change to Irish television enters final phase

THE BIGGEST change to Irish television as we know it is entering its final phase before the terrestrial analogue signal is switched off and replaced by a digital signal on October 24, 2012. From this date all television sets in Ireland must be able to receive a digital signal either freely through SAORVIEW, or on paid subscription through SKY or UPC.

In May 2011, SAORVIEW was launched to provide a free indigenous digital service to deliver Irish television channels free-to-air.

The 491,000 affected households comprise 267,000 who are exclusively dependent on the analogue signal and another 224,000 who have a digital service for one+ television sets but have extra television sets receiving the analogue signal, for example, in the kitchen or bedroom. (Source: Nielsen Establishment Survey, May 2012; RTÉ Estimates)

A SAORVIEW approved set top box costs between €50-100 with no ongoing subscription. Television sets as old as twenty years are suitable for use with a SAORVIEW approved set top box.

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