Monday 14 October 2019

The magic of mushrooms

Clair Whitty visited the Hifas Da Terra facility in Galicia.
Clair Whitty visited the Hifas Da Terra facility in Galicia.

Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

Mushrooms contain more than 150 bioactive compounds that can help fight inflammation, reduce fatigue, support immunity, and help the body deal with many diseases that affect health and quality of life.

I recently met with Hifas Da Terra, a company that produce a range of Medicinal Mushrooms. These mushrooms can help with all sorts of health conditions including arthritis, insomnia, thyroid problems, weight control, and much more. I was very curious and chatted at length with them about their products.

Well how excited was I when the following week I got a call from Hifas Da Terra asking me if I would like to go see their facility in Galicia? Needless to say I said yes, and off I went to visit the pristine subtropical forests of Northern Spain.

I met the scientists and researchers, and saw where the mushrooms were grown, very impressive. Hifas Da Terra was established fifteen years ago as a result of more than fifty years of extensive research in the field of mycology, the study of mushrooms. Their research team is made up of doctors, MD's, health professionals, biologists and pharmacists who have brought together their expertise to formulate the Hifas Da Terra brand of medicinal mushrooms.

I asked what makes their mushrooms so special. Their answer was, they guarantee quality and excellence, and they're organically grown, and are dried in natural conditions on site. They are GMP certified and are non GMO. They contain no fillers, or binders. They're suitable for people with lactose intolerance, or coeliac disease, and for vegans and vegetarians. The formulations are based on proven scientific results. They do extensive research and run clinical trials. I could see that everyone involved at Hifas Da Terra is passionate about improving health through the study and use of medicinal mushrooms. I believe them and that they are a brand that I can trust to recommend to you.

Mushrooms are not something new; they have been around for millions of years. Many customers have asked me about medicinal mushrooms recently, and now we have a range that can offer solutions to health problems both chronic and acute.

Next week I will tell you about some of the mushrooms that I think you'll be interested to know about.

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