Saturday 21 September 2019

The top ten chart this week in 1996

Jim Hayes

1 Spaceman Babylon Zoo

2 Jesus To A Child George Michael

3 Whole Lotta Love Goldbug

4 Anything 3T

5 Earth Song Michael Jackson

6 Father and Son Boyzone

7 One By One Cher

8 Missing Everything But The Girl

9 Wonderwall Oasis

10 So Pure Baby D

Levi's TV ads were responsible for as many number one hits in the eighties and nineties as X Factor was some years later. Babylon Zoo's trippy 'Spaceman' was the seventh song to reach No. 1 in the UK after featuring in an advert for Levi's jeans. It topped the charts in 22 countries and sold nearly half a million in its first week. It was the Wolverhampton band's debut single, and their only release to make any significant impression on the charts. On reaching number one, Babylon Zoo lead singer Jas Mann said 'I'm a great songwriter and I could become a musical genius', but almost two decades on, 'Spaceman' remains his only hit.

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