Friday 23 August 2019

There's no need to suffer from period pain

Premenstrual tension a word that most women are familiar with, symptoms can include moodiness, irritability, breast tenderness, fluid retention, sugar cravings, bloating, back pain, heavy and painful periods, as well as skin problems - every month!

Some of you suffer more than others. You turn into a different person. You don't even understand it yourself, sometimes all you want to do is cry, and be on your own. You get cross with people around you, and then feel really bad about it.

There are some natural remedies that can help get you through. The most common ones are:

For breast tenderness, fluid retention, and hormonal balance, try B6 in a B complex formula as well as Evening Primrose Oil -1000mg at least. Take the Evening Primrose in the evening with food. Don't take Evening Primrose Oil if you have epilepsy - you could use Starflower Oil instead.

For moodiness, irritability, skin problems, or low back pain, you could try Agnus Castus. This is a herbal remedy. You can't use it if you are on the pill or HRT. It can increase fertility, so be careful!

To regulate hormonal activity, improve mood, help reduce tiredness, and maintain healthy skin try Krill Oil for Women, the one in the pink box, it's getting great results for both PMT and Menopausal symptoms.

For moodiness, irritability, and lack of patience, try Jan De Vries Female Essence- it is taken a couple of days before symptoms arise.

For Stomach pain/lower back pain and discomfort you could try Magnesium OK, this product is made by Wassen and contains magnesium and B Vitamins. Or you could try the Ladycare MN8 period pain relief magnet.

If you get heavy periods you might benefit from taking an Iron tonic like Salus Floradix.

So why suffer when there is help available? Call in to your local health store and talk to their qualified staff. Tell them how you are feeling and they will help you decide what to take. One thing will work for you, but maybe not for someone else, but don't give up. Life is too short to live it uncomfortably!

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