Tuesday 17 September 2019

Thinking outside the box


IF you're a music maker, the world is your oyster these days. Thanks to the reach of the internet, your music can go global in an instant, without any outlay on CD pressing or expensive ad campaigns. That's the theory. In reality the internet has brought as many problems as fixes. Illegal downloading means it can be hard to make music pay, and the huge volume of original music out there at a few clicks of a mouse means it's difficult to get your voice heard.

Louth singer/songwriter Sinead McNally is one of the many artists who have turned to sites such as fundit. ie, where fans can pre- order songs or albums to enable the artist fund the release and can be offered other rewards as an incentive.

For a fiver on fundit, Sinead is giving 1,000 fans the chance to pre- order he debut EP ' 10,000'. As a bonus, everyone who does will have their name printed on the EP packaging. 'All the names will be sent to the CD manufacturers and will become part of a piece of history in my music career!' says Sinead, who released three singles on her own steam last year.

The Dundalk singer's fundit project is familiar territory for many of the great unsigned, but her ' 10,000' campaign goes further. The EP has been carefully named as she aims to bring it to the attention of 10,000 people through what she calls ' ten smaller experiments'.

These include everything from ' 1,000 minutes' on radio and TV and a ' 1,000 live audience' ( performed to during the week of release), to ' 1,000 new Facebook likes' and ' 1,000 Youtube subscriptions'.

Sinead says she came up with the idea when trying to think of 'something really special and unique for 2012' and that she found inspiration in an unlikely source, the following words of Thomas Edison: ' I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that don't work'.

' Thomas Edison is a very big part of the inspiration for the EP. His words, his wisdom and his attitude,' she says.

The five- track ' 10,000' will be released under the ' Live Loud' music label on August 10 and, for sheer ingenuity and creative thinking, it deserves to succeed.

One of Sinead's 'experiments' is ' 1,000 words published about the project' and we're only too happy to contribute around 380 here.

*************** While we're applauding endeavour, how about some credit where it's due for PETA ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) who marked Paul McCartney's 70th birthday on Monday by sending the former Beatle a greeting replicating the famous shot of the Fab Four crossing the road outside Abbey Road studios, but with a fish, a pig, a chicken and a cow carrying the signs ' Happy birthday Paul', ' Thank You', ' For Loving Us', ' Not Eating Us'.

Sir Paul will welcome the sentiment, but may not be too happy that in the new picture he's replaced by the pig.

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