Thursday 22 August 2019

This week's top ten in 1979

1 Are Friends Electric? Tubeway Army

2 Silly Games Janet Kay

3 C'mon Everybody The Sex Pistols

4 Up The Junction Squeeze

5 Light My Fire/137 Disco Heaven Amii Stewart

6 Night Owl Gerry Rafferty

7 Babylon's Burning Ruts

8 Lady Lynda Beach Boys

9 The Lone Ranger Quantum Leap

10 Ring My Bell Anita Ward

On paper, 'Are Friends Electric?' was not No. 1 material: a synthesized wall of sound, over 5 minutes long, with no real chorus and spoken words from a robotic Gary Numan. But this dark, hypnotic classic, written by Numan, stayed at the top for four weeks, though the single had taken seven weeks to get there. A few months later, Numan - now solo - would reach the top of both the UK and US charts with 'Cars'.

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