Friday 23 August 2019

Those 12 year old boys and their filthy minds- what do they know

Justine O'Mahony
Justine O'Mahony

Justine O'Mahony

The Eldest arrived home the other day from school with a letter informing us they were giving a talk on sex education the following week.

The school was inviting parents to a meeting the night before to fill us in on what would be said.

How times have changed. We didn't have sex education until we were well settled in secondary school and then the talk was given by a nun. I'd say we knew more about sex than she did!

'Will we go for the craic?' I asked Himself. There is a part of me that never got beyond the age of 14.

'I'm not going to some sex talk given by a teacher! Anyway you'd be down the back giggling and making inappropriate comments,' he accused. He's right. I probably would have been. So we decided not to go. The boys didn't have to participate in the talk the following day but needed a parent's signature if they did. 'Do you want to go?' I asked the Nearly 13 year old. He looked at me like I was mad. 'Yeah!' he replied.

'Well you should know most things, remember I gave you that book?' Then I paused. 'Do you know what Gay means?'

He rolled his eyes at me. 'Eh...yeah! Of course I do.' 'OK then what do you think of gay marriage, what about the upcoming referendum?'

He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and said, 'I couldn't care less if gay men want to get married as long as they don't want to marry me!' Fair enough, I thought, although I would've preferred if he'd been a bit more sensitive to the subject.

The next day I was waiting for him after school. 'Well, how did it go? Was it really embarrassing?' I asked, dying to know all the gory details.

My son is not really MY son. He is his father's son which means he gives you as little information as is humanly possible. 'I suppose it was a bit embarrassing.'

'What did they tell you?' 'Stuff.' This was getting me nowhere. 'OK, did they tell you anything you didn't know already?' I inquired. He replied, that yes they had. I felt like a bad parent then, that I hadn't covered the subject thoroughly enough. In fact if I'm being honest I hadn't covered it at all, I just shoved a book at him and told him to read it. 'Like what?' I asked intrigued. He paused, still looking at the telly and said, 'Well I tell you one thing-girls bodies are weird!' He would not be drawn further.

The next day I met his friend's mother. 'Did you hear what the boys did?' Obviously she has a son who actually talks to her! 'Apparently they were told to write down questions anonymously and put them in a box for the teacher. Some of them were FILTHY!" she said and proceeded to whisper in my ear.

Some of them were quite shocking. How do 12 year old boys know this stuff?! Anyway I cornered the Eldest. 'Did you write dirty questions for the teacher before The Talk?'

He started to laugh. 'It wasn't me! There was only three boys that did it and I swear it wasn't me!'

Oh My God. He is His Father's Son!

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