Wednesday 22 January 2020

Tips from customers could help you too

Flexofytol contains curcumin, an extract of turmeric.
Flexofytol contains curcumin, an extract of turmeric.

Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

I'd like to share customer testimonials with you as it would be fantastic if their stories helped you too.

A young girl aged 10 had warts on her face, nose, and mouth. This was very distressing for her. Her mother had tried an anti-viral remedy that she got from her doctor, this didn't work. She also tried traditional remedies including lemon, tea tree oil, and holy water. Nothing worked. She asked me for help. I suggested Vitamin D because warts can be viral, and a deficiency of D could impact on her overall immunity. I also suggested using Colloidal Silver externally. Several months later she told me that the warts had cleared and that both she and her daughter were absolutely thrilled. So was I, this was brilliant news to hear.

Sinus pain is common. Normally I suggest herbs to deal with infection or congestion, and often suggest avoiding dairy food, sugar, and wheat. So I was surprised when a lady told me that Flexofytol a natural anti-inflammatory remedy normally associated with arthritic pain and inflammation had relieved her sinus pain within days. She is on permanent medication for on-going allergies but this doesn't relieve the sinus pain. So far the only solution has been pain medication every morning and evening. She wanted to try something natural and decided to try Flexofytol. This supplement contains curcumin an extract of turmeric in a bio optimised form which is easier to absorb. I would never have thought of suggesting this remedy but it makes perfect sense if inflammation is a factor. It might work for you too. Don't take this if you're on blood thinners.

A girl came in to me slightly panicked. Her mother had an itchy, red lumpy rash all over her body. She showed me photos. It had come on suddenly out of nowhere, the doctor didn't know what it was, they thought maybe stress related, or hormonal. I suggested Irish Botanica Milk Thistle to support liver function, and Viridian Black Seed Oil as this has both anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties. Last week the mother herself came in to thank me, she said that her skin was calming down and returning to normal. No itch, and the red lumps were receding. We were both relieved.

I hope that these tips can help you too.

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