Monday 21 October 2019

Titan's great concept makes up for sparse aesthetics

Titan Souls delivers strength of gameplay by the bucketload.
Titan Souls delivers strength of gameplay by the bucketload.

Chris Hayes - Game Review

The whole 16-bit aesthetic seems to be very much in vogue when it comes to today's video games - and that is by no means a bad thing.

Much like the video games of 20 years ago, any game today that goes for the whole retro look really can't use graphical appeal as one of its selling points - gameplay must come to the fore, and Titan Souls delivers strength of gameplay by the bucketload.

Or perhaps strength is somewhat of a misnomer, as Titan Souls actually has very little in terms of depth, but what it may lack in that department it makes up for with beautiful execution of a great concept.

The sparse nature of the game can be neatly summed up by the way it demands you make every shot count.

Your boy protagonist has only a single arrow - and the longer you draw the bow, the faster and farther you can shoot it - but the farther you shoot it, the tougher it is to pick back up and reuse.

These simple rules and qualifications make up for some of the most exhilarating gameplay I've had the pleasure of experiencing for quite some time now.

The best part? This paltry skill set is the only thing you have when facing down gargantuan bosses that spit fire, swing maces and hit you with a plethora of lethal magical force.

The amount of variety in said boss fights is nothing short of astounding - hats off to the developers for this one.

Considering you only have the ability for fire a single shot, you would imagine that the main events would become somewhat one-dimensional, but that is not the case.

Each boss has their own design and attack routines, meaning that each encounter is a learning experience. Sure, you could boil the whole thing down to 'shoot the boss somewhere', but the reality is that the solution is never really obvious, and is always very difficult to achieve.

The feeling of reward and victory that this game manages to instil in the player is fantastic.

The careful planning that goes into the perfect shot - that comes from watching and manipulating clever bosses - is not one many games can match. You won't be wasting your time with cookie-cutter foes in this game. You're little protagonist has big, big fish to fry.


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PS4 / PsVita / PC

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