Saturday 21 September 2019

Vanity scare for the sun worshippers

A GOLDEN TAN may be pleasing to the eye, but experts strongly urge sun-worshipers to think twice before exposing their skin to harmful UV rays on holidays either at home or abroad.

'It is extremely important to protect your skin from sunlight,' said Nicola Kearns of cosmetics specialists OriDerm.

And now for the science bit! In a nutshell, UVA and UVB light are bad news for the skin. While vanity, as they say, feels no pain, we would all be well advised to get our healthy glow from a bottle.

UVB is the chief cause of sunburn, while UVA plays a major role in skin aging and wrinkling.

Far more worrying than mere aesthetics is UVA's link to melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer.

'If you are planning to make the most of the sunny weather, remember to take the necessary precautions,' said Nicola, who explained that there are six different types of skin. 'Being aware of your skin type can help you decide how much protection you need, and how cautions you need to be.' And be warned – most Irish people are fair and burn easily but estimate their skin type to be higher than it actually is. To avoid skin damage and melanoma, follow some basic steps to protect yourself or your children.

Ori-Derm is based on Bray's Southern Cross Road and performs sun protection studies in order to assess the level of protection that sun creams provide. 'We run three-day long studies every month,' explained Nicola, adding that the Bray company will hold an open day on June 26 for people interested in finding out more about what they do. For more information on the open day or studies carried out by Ori-Derm, call (01) 2735454.

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