Sunday 19 January 2020

Versatile beetroot extremely good for your health

Beetroot is a rich source of potassium and vitamin C
Beetroot is a rich source of potassium and vitamin C

Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

Beetroot-you either love them or you hate them but they are extremely good for you. And they are so versatile in the kitchen that you can easily get them into your diet. You can bake them, grate them or juice them, you can include them in cakes, burgers, and you can pickle them. You can also get them in supplement form if you really don't like the taste.

When my husband reads this he will ask me if they're so great, why don't I eat more of them? And I won't really have an answer for him. But from now on I will include more of them in my diet!

Beetroots are a rich source of potassium which is important for healthy nerve and muscle function, and immune boosting Vitamin C. They also contain magnesium, vitamins A, B6, and folic acid.

They are a source of carbohydrates, protein, antioxidants, and soluble fibre. Their rich fibre content can relieve constipation for some people.

You can also eat the leaves which are a valuable source of iron. Add them to your juice and blend them, add them to salads, or lightly sauté them.

They're traditionally associated with heart health which is not surprising when you look at the deep rich red colour of them. When included in your diet they can help to reduce blood pressure. The benefit likely comes from the naturally occurring nitrates in beets, which are converted into nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide, in turn, helps to relax and dilate your blood vessels, improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure.

This is the reason sports people often drink shots of beetroot juice, or take beetroot in capsule form before training sessions or long runs to improve oxygenation of the blood. Some find that drinking beetroot juice can improve lung capacity. Runners especially feel less breathless during long training sessions.

They can be included in your to diet to help reduce inflammation. A number of customers have attributed a reduction in pain and stiffness to beetroot. Beetroot can help to support a detox program, support the liver, and cleanse and purify the blood.

Put simply, beetroot is a power house of nutrients. I think it's time to include this hearty vegetable in my diet.

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