Sunday 22 September 2019

Warm your cold hands with buckwheat

Clair Whitty.

By Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

Cold hands, and cold feet are not just a winter problem, they are an all year round complaint.

I used to get cold hands, so much so that I would get chilblains on my fingers. I don't get chilblains anymore as a result of a simple dietary change that I made many years ago when I first started working in the health food store.

The solution for me was roasted buckwheat. It looks like a grain of wheat. I took one tablespoon of roasted buckwheat in yoghurt every day for several months; I used to call it my crunchy yoghurt. This one simple change improved my circulation, and I haven't had the problem since, not with chilblains at least.

You can add roasted buckwheat to yoghurt like I did; add it to salad, or your breakfast. If you already have a jar of mixed nuts and seeds you could add it in and mix them all together for extra nutrition. This includes some protein, magnesium, and B vitamins. You can eat it straight from the spoon if you prefer, but it is a bit dry. Buckwheat can also be cooked, and used in much the same way as you would rice. You can add a variety of vegetables and spices for flavour.

It's also available unroasted which is best cooked, you can get buckwheat flour which makes really tasty pancakes, or it can be combined with other flours to make cakes, bread, and scones. You will also find buckwheat cereal, crackers, and pasta. It's an interesting addition for anyone on a gluten free diet.

In general it's used to improve blood flow by strengthening the veins and small blood vessels which makes it particularly useful to help with varicose veins and poor circulation. You can also get it in capsule form; it will be called rutin which is the active ingredient of the plant.

Buckwheat worked well for me to improve my circulation, for you it could be another solution; there are various other reasons why your circulation is sluggish. The main thing is to not give up. Try something, see if it works. There's nothing worse than cold hands, but an old saying says, if you have cold hands, you have a warm heart.

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