Saturday 21 September 2019

Wexford Arts Centre to become a Wasteland

Wexford Arts Centre.
Wexford Arts Centre.

Wexford Arts Centre's lower gallery will be transformed into a Wasteland on Saturday (June 13), overflowing with salvaged objects, postal packages, sculptures and debris.

The collaboration between Czech artist Eva Ko átková and Dominik Lang will attempt to dismantle and relocate a public park to a new location, exploring the institutional rules and regulations that pervade our lives, and what happens when things slip through the cracks. The exhibition will open at 2 p.m., with Tessa Giblin, Curator of Visual Arts - Project Arts Centre, as guest speaker, and will run until July 25.

The exhibition suggests at once a storage yard, a ghost estate, a repository of ideas and methodologies that have passed, but whose remains prompt us towards an inner logic that reveals or obscures their purpose. The mundane and salvaged objects populating the exhibition create a vocabulary of forms that could remain after an institution has been wound down - abandoned objects that remain without anyone to witness them or to respond, but which recreate the daily illusion of order through institutional rules.

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