Sunday 18 March 2018

World-class pianists sharing concerts

IT'S THE fifth year of the 'jewel of a festival' to quote one reviewer.

New Ross Piano Festival specialises in the piano, but has something for everyone.

There's ragtime piano in the street, there's late-night Schubert in St. Mary's Church, there are young local students playing their hearts out, and there are world-class pianists sharing concerts.

Finghin Collins has just played to 5,500 people at the Proms and now he will play for you here in New Ross.

Young Sa Chen plays all over the world, from Los Angeles and Pittsburgh to Beijing and Lisbon, enchanting audiences wherever she touches down.

Abdel Rahman El Bacha is a Lebanese Frenchman, and this is his first visit to Ireland, but he is renowned in Europe for his playing of Chopin, and he is bringing that brilliance here.

Libor Novacek is no stranger to Ireland however, and he has already got great praise from audiences in Wexford and Dublin. And young Rebecca Capova is from Cork, though currently living abroad. Tons of talent!

There's even a chance for you to play on one of the pianos placed for you in odd places to do just that! Don't miss it!

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