Sunday 18 August 2019

A day in the life of a Wexford teenager


AS YOU will notice from a brief walk along Wexford town, it is host to many different cliques. Being teens we automatically label other people our age, we may not even notice we're doing it. However, we are subconsciously putting up a mental barrier telling us what other people are like us and who we might get along with.

So what do these different cliques do? Well in my research I asked different people, who I would consider to be in various different cliques what they did on their average day. Some like to spend their day on the quay skating, others like to spend it on the street with friends.

Then you get those who aimless sly walk from Dunnes to Tesco over and over. Rarely from what I can see do teenagers in Wexford go to town to shop, those who do are in a very small minority. It's clear that Wexford lacks a place of interest for it's younger population as they swarm to supermarkets such as Tesco. Yet being in town is the only place we can go to hang out with friends. Even then if you're in a big group, shops are off limits because they do not see the image of teens as a positive, marketable one.

Wexford does offer youth clubs, discos, gigs, theatre groups and dance classes but most of which come at a price, in this current economic climate this might not be an offer we can all take up. Also these activities only offer an hour or so of entertainment, once a week. We need somewhere we can go free of charge, that is safe, warm and lets us have a laugh with friends and socialise with new people. As it stands we have a supermarket, a roundabout, a forty minute walk to the cinema and the main fast-food chains. We can't change this, but we have the solution. We are willing to get behind and help set up a place to go and every group has their own ideas on how to make it great.

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