Wednesday 13 November 2019

Carers' concerns aired at meeting

Ruaidhrí Kelly, Catherine Cox, Jane Johnstone and Marian Mahon who spoke at the meeting
Ruaidhrí Kelly, Catherine Cox, Jane Johnstone and Marian Mahon who spoke at the meeting

Anna Hayes

The concerns of carers all across Wexford were aired at the Carers in Crisis meeting which was hosted by Family Carers Ireland at Clayton White's Hotel.

The meeting focused on a variety of issues facing carers and their loved ones including: the lack of residential care; the transition into adult services; the lack of respite; the lack of vital therapies; the carers allowance and how it is assessed; the treatment of carers by the HSE and government departments; and the constant battle carers have to fight for supports.

The meeting heard from carers are struggling with lack of supports that mean they cannot care safely for their loved ones.

Local campaigner Jane Johnstone made a powerful and emotional plea to the government to invest in homecare, and support carers like herself to care for their loved ones in their own homes for as long as possible.

Catherine Cox, Head of Communications and Carer Engagement with Family Carers Ireland promised carers that FCI would continue to lobby and fight for better supports for family carers in Wexford and across the country.

She said the organisation would lobby in three areas in particular: the drop-off in supports for young people transitioning into adult services, which they feel would be solved by better planning and starting the process when the person is age 16; the need for improved respite care, which they say is vital for carers and the cared for person and prevents burn-out on the carer's part; and transition into residential care, which they say would be far less stressful for all involved if adequate residential places were available.

Elected representatives present at the meeting promised to support family carers in Wexford.

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