Sunday 20 October 2019

CLONARD NEWS: 'We were is good in Clonard Village'

JOHN AND Emer Bergin moved to live in Clonard Village six years ago and have settled into a happy family routine in one of the newest housing estates on the outskirts of Wexford town. John and Emer took advantage of the booming economy back in 2004 when they purchased their four bedroomed property in a developing Clonard Village which would eventually contain all the necessary facilities a family would require.

'We saw the development as a safe environment for our youngest children. The size of the house we picked represented value for money and being located in a cul-de-sac would be a safe place for our youngest girls to play,' Emer explains.

'Six years on and with the downturn in the economy, the promised amenities have not materialised which means we have to travel into town for our groceries etc.'

'We could do with more shops, a post office, a chemist, and a supermarket. At present we only have a chip shop in the Village which is very good and popular and I believe there are plans for a launderette in the near future,' John continues.

With Clonard Village, being a huge develop-

? ment housing perhaps up to 2,500 people, there is certainly scope for a large supermarket and the proposed medical centre.

'If the planned services and businesses did locate to this area of town I believe they would be very successful, they would do well. Apart from the potential for a successful business, new jobs would be created for the area and the town,' stressed John.

'The Village is a well maintained and very quiet area of Wexford town. With a leisure complex close by, sports enthusiasts are catered for. Not affected to the same extent as some, we would be concerned for those currently facing negative equity because of the downturn.'

'The houses are good and sturdy; we would hope that people can ride the storm until the economy improves again. There should be more help for people to overcome the problems created by others perhaps from the government for us all who are crying out for help.

'There are still units available for purchase all over Wexford town but with little or no chance for young people to obtain a mortgage, get their foot on the property ladder, to start building a happy family life. 'We were lucky; we bought at the right time. Life is good for us in Clonard Village and I would definitely recommend here as an ideal place for any family young or old to settle down,' Emer concludes.

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