Monday 14 October 2019

Clubs unite for MRI

Noel and John Asple-James from Clonhasten
Noel and John Asple-James from Clonhasten
James, Sandra and James McCormack

Anna Hayes

Enniscorthy was a busy place recently as shortly after more than 2,000 runners strutted their stuff in the Hope and Dream 10, the vintage tractor drivers took to the roads to raise money for the MRI Now campaign.

Approximately 300 tractors and 30 vintage cars descended on Enniscorthy Mart with participants hailing from all of Wexford's Vintage Clubs and some from further afield in Wicklow and Carlow. Many of those taking part were regular members of local clubs but a few new faces also emerged to enjoy the day's events.

With the Hope and Dream run drawing a huge crowd to the town, the clubs held off on starting their run until 12.30 p.m. thus ensuring traffic congestion wouldn't be an issue. The group drove a 20km loop which brought them back to their starting point, where food and refreshments were served.

Organiser Pat Monaghan said the mart yard was full of tractors. The group had a team of about 20 volunteers on board and some of those manned collection buckets which spectators donated generously to. He expressed his thanks to the Gardai who provided an escort and also the motorbike marshals who ensured that the run ran safely.

In the ultimate show of good will, runners who had taken part in the Hope and Dream run made their way to the mart to support the event rather than heading home to a well-deserved hot bath!

'I think we had the easier job driving the tractors!' joked Mr Monaghan.

While money was still coming in last week, the event is expected to raise in excess of €6,500. The group will present a cheque for the final amount to the MRI Now campaign in the coming weeks.

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