Monday 19 August 2019

Cultural landmark on our doorstep

THE WEXFORD Opera House contains ultramodern facilities and the architecture and the interior is a work of art. The people of Wexford are extremely fortunate to have such a cultural landmark right on their doorsteps.

The Opera House provides an opportunity for ordinary people to perform on a world class stage. Many amateur groups from Wexford have the chance to experience it's amazing facilities and showcase their talent. It also gives people the chance to attend a variety of shows and concerts which they would otherwise have to travel to Dublin to see, such as 'Fame: The Musical' and 'The Wizard of Oz'.

The Opera House provides experiences that would not be possible without it.

For example, during the Opera Festival, six students received the privilege of being cast as supernumeraries in the Opera 'Virginia'. They were able to perform alongside professional Opera singers and meet with the cast of the Opera.

When asked about the event, two of the girls said that it was 'fantastic' and 'inspiring'.

Without this local treasure these opportunities would not be attainable. It is immensely valuable to Wexford and enriches the culture of the area. The Wexford Opera House is truly an asset to Wexford town.

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