Wednesday 23 January 2019

eTwinning honour for Fatima school

Pupils with teachers Andy Lehane, Tanya McMahon and Glenda McKeown (eTwinningAmbassador).
Pupils with teachers Andy Lehane, Tanya McMahon and Glenda McKeown (eTwinningAmbassador).

Anna Hayes

Our Lady of Fatima School has been announced as an eTwinning school, a project which will allow their students to engage with pupils all over Europe on various school assessments.

Teacher Glenda McKeown is an eTwinning ambassador and many of the teachers in the school are involved, using eTwinning projects to enhance the work that classes are already doing as part of their curriculum. She explained that the school already has a national and European label and is now an eTwinning leader.

The eTwinning programme, she said, has been running for ten years but she hopes that it will receive more interest in Irish schools as a result of recent eTwinning announcements. She added that the projects were not extra work but went hand-in-hand with day-to-day class work.

Ms McKeown explained that the programme invited schools to team up, through an online platform, to complete projects togther and, in doing so, learn about that other country's culture. Projects could run for as long as the schools saw fit and aimed to teach the pupils about being European citizens.

'The project is very inclusive and is open to pupils from the age of four up to 18 - we have worked with pupils from all over the EU. The students collaborate on various tasks and it's very rewarding.'

Last year, as a result of excellence in eTwinning projects, the school won two trips to Finland and Spain as part of the 'Move 2 Learn, Learn 2 Move' initiative.

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