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Family man Patsy was St. Mary's club stalwart

PATSY Whelan, who died recently at the age of 78, was as straight a man as you could wish to meet.

A hard-working and honest man, Patsy had a great circle of friends and interests, but foremost in his mind was his love for his wife Breda and his family.

Patsy, from 163 The Faythe, was a character and as straight as you could get - he always said it as he saw it.

Most of his working life was with Clover Meats. When the factory closed he obtained at first a temporary position and then a full-time post as a driver with Wexford Corporation where he worked until he retired.

Originally from Ballymorris, Patsy lived a long life at The Faythe but his family said he was a countryman at heart.

It was the love of his life -Breda - that brought him to Maudlintown as a young man more than 50 years ago and he never left.

There's a story that when Breda's sisters first met Patsy they said he couldn't be her boyfriend because he was too good looking, to which she replied: 'He's mine'.

He was a friendly man and if he didn't know you, it wouldn't be long before he knew all about you. Once he registered your name and details he would remember them years later.

One of his main interests was politics - Fianna Fail could do no wrong. At election time he always counted on to canvas and put up posters, rallying all his children to put flyers into envelopes.He always said one of the proudest days in his life was attending Charlie Haughey's funeral in 2006.

His other main interest was GAA and his beloved St. Mary's of Maudlintown of which he was President.

He collected a huge amount of money for their pitch development at Páirc Carman, travelling all over the country for events and was made the Páirc's first and only Mayor for his efforts. There is no doubt that if he had been in his health, he would have done the same for the new development at The Rocks.

He was a man of great physical strength, so much so that he was always put in as an anchor man when the tug of war was taking place on the Green in Maudlintown and in the goal for St. Mary's any forward would kick the ball wide when they saw Patsy coming to challenge them.

He was a big Manchester United supporter, his family saying it was fitting that as Sir Alex was saying goodbye to the club, Patsy was calling it a day.

Travelling to Lourdes was one of his passions, and he visited five times.

In latter years he thoroughly enjoyed going to St. Bridget's Club where he met many old friends and made many new ones.

He had many friends, but had one true friend, Touchie Roche with whom he would often walk with down Drinagh, the two of them arguing backwards and forwards as they went.

He would get home and say: 'That's it - that's the last time I'm going walking with Touchie and the next day would say - Touchie's late for our walk'.

Most of all Patsy was a family man and he and Breda had 53 years of married life together.

He is survived by Breda, children Breda, Bernie, Ann and Patricia; brothers Danny, Willie and Martin and sister Peggy, grandchildren Wayne, Katie, Liam, Daniel, Rebecca, James, Bobby and Patsy and great grandchildren Mia-Rose and Alfie. He was predeceased by his brother John, sisters Mary-Kate, Statia and Patty and his parents Ellen and Patrick.

Among a long list of people the family wished to thank was Patsy's carer Ann who helped look after him for the past eight years.

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