Saturday 17 August 2019

Fifth Green Flag is raised at The Mercy

A BUMPER day of activity took place at St. John's Road School recently as students and staff celebrated all things green! The school community came together, all dressed in green for the occasion, to witness the raising of the school's fifth green flag.

The students worked hard throughout the year to achieve this accolade.

Edel English, teacher and Green Flag Co-ordinator at the school, explained that this year the students worked on the theme of travel.

In an attempt to highlight the need to keep their carbon footprint in check, the students organised 'Walk on Wednesday', or WOW as it has become known.

Each Wednesday students and their families were encouraged to ditch the car and walk to work instead.

Those who lived a considerable distance from the school parked their car nearby and walked the final leg of the journey to school.

Edel added that this initiative was not just intended to benefit the planet, but also the students who were encouraged to adopt a more active lifestyle. Of course it seemed the students needed little encouragement to get them up on their feet as all classes took part in bumper 'Damhs-athon'.

As the name suggests this involved students getting their Irish dancing shoes on to demonstrate their dance skills.

The students also worked diligently to create a new school garden which they have named, 'An Gairdin Glas'.

This garden was officially unveiled to Darragh Dever of the An Taisce Green Schools Committee on the day.

The event was also one of the first official duties carried out by the newly elected Mayor, Jim Allen.

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