Thursday 22 August 2019



The Youth Club Christmas Party will take place on Friday 17th. Get into the spirit of things guys and get dressed into your Christmas glad rags. Prizes for best Christmas costumes. This night will be the last club night for 2010.

We would like to wish all our members a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year. Many thanks also to the supervisors who helped out since September.

Supervisors on Friday are; Noelle Crosbie, Brid Mc.Cormack, Seamus Walshe, Michael Byrne, Siobhan Gabbett, Mary Doyle, Carol Doyle, Helen Dunleavy and Thelma Gabbett. Committee representative is Frances Prunty, ph.(086) 3044809.


Most houses in the parish will have received the brochure and invitation to participate in the effort to clear the debt on the church. The good news is that completed forms are already making their way back to the parish and gratitude is expressed for the generosity of participants to date.

Promoters are now asked to begin calling back to houses, to facilitate parishioners who wish to take part. Your work is greatly appreciated and is vital to the success of the venture. Some areas, closer to town, will be called on tomorrow night (Thursday) Persons who wish to get a form and have not yet received one can pick one up at mass this week-end. Again, thanks to all - a little from many will put shape and structure on our commitments and it will also free us up to discern even better pastoral engagement with individuals and groups within the parish in the coming months and years.


The senior citizens Christmas Party will take place on Sunday 2nd January from 2 pm - 5.30 pm in the Ferrycarrig Hotel. For further details contact Ben on (086) 8893268.


There is a rota at the end of Barntown Church for volunteers to enrol to help with the cleaning of the church for the year ahead. Gratitude is expressed to all of those who help out with this task. Their diligence ensures a warm welcome for locals and visitors and is worthy of much positive comment.


We are having our end of year festive youth club, this Friday 17th. Youth club will run as normal from 8 to 10 pm. Don't forget to bring your Kris Kindle presents.... we don't want to see any disappointed faces. Any problems with the presents, or you can't make youth club this week, please call Averil 085 7713005.

If anyone wants a photo of Pat, Peter or Henk in their elf suits, I will be taking orders!!!! If Youth club has to be cancelled again due to the weather, please keep your Kris kindle present somewhere safe, and we will give them out in the New Year! Thanks.

We will be meeting to put up Christmas decorations in the hall, Thursday morning at 9.20 If anyone has any spare decorations, lights, tree etc, we would be delighted to have or borrow them!!! Please contact: Colette Steel 086 352 7292.

Finally, a huge thank you to Padraig Hore of Hores Stores, for his recent and very generous donation of 400 euro.

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