Sunday 20 October 2019

Hose pipe ban to last another week

WEXFORD County Council said yesterday (Monday) that the hose pipe ban introduced last Wednesday will last at least another week.

While parts of the county have experienced several heavy rain showers in the past week, most have had very little rain since the beginning of the month, and the Council said the hose pipe ban was necessary due to the prolonged dry spell, and what it said was 'unprecedented usage of public drinking water.'

The County Manager's Order prohibits the use of hose pipes to: water gardens, recreational parks, and sports grounds, or such areas; irrigate or spray crops; wash vehicles; and fill or replenish swimming pools or artificial ponds.

The notice stated that anyone caught contravening this order could be fined €125.

Wexford County Council said it regretted having to introduce the ban, and appealed to the public to use drinking water as sparingly as possible. It said the hose pipe ban will be removed at the earliest opportunity.

Senior Water Services Engineer Darragh Cullinane said it will take sustained rain for several days to make a difference. 'We've had a prolonged dry spell which has come at the worst time of the year, when the population has gone up, and people are using more water,' he said. 'Our capacity to produce water has also reduced as the level in the aquifers has dropped, but we're coping well and people are reasonable about it.'

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