Tuesday 18 December 2018

Jaymee’s promoting positive mental health

Jaymee Duggan and Natalia Mikulec-Pasiut
Jaymee Duggan and Natalia Mikulec-Pasiut
Mairéad Duffy of FDYS,Maria Roche of It’s Good to Talk and Sally Griffiths of Pieta House

A local zumba teacher, keen to raise awareness of mental health, held an event at St Joseph's Community Centre recently that highlighted local services and stressed the importance of exercise.

Jaymee Duggan, of Zumba by Jaymee, invited representatives from ASK, It's Good to Talk, the FDYS and Pieta House to the event, where they spoke about what their organisations did, how people could get in touch, and how they could help.

Afterwards, Jaymee and another zumba instructor, Natalia Mikulec-Pasiut of Shape Up Fitness, did a masterclass of zumba called 'Dance Yourself Free', and aimed at promoting the link between exercise and positive mental health. Jaymee remarked: 'I just want to get the message out that it is so important to talk and ask people how they are.'

Jaymee said she is hopeful of organising future events that will promote positive mental health.

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