Tuesday 20 August 2019


THERE ARE two ways to join the army: as a recruit or as a cadet.

To join as a recruit, you must pass a physical examination which includes push-ups, situps and a run a certain distance in a limited amount of time. You also have to pass the medical examination. If you are one of the lucky few selected you start your army career as a private and work your way up the noncommissioned ranks. Unfortunately, the Defence Forces do not recruit on a regular basis.

The second way to join the army is apply to be a cadet. To apply for cadetship, you must pass the physical and medical examinations and an interview before you can be called a cadet. Cadets engage in 15 months training in the Military College covering many fields of study before taking up an operational appointment in the Permanent Defence Forces.

As a cadet, you will then be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant and work your way up the Commissioned Ranks. Applications for cadetship happen every year. For more information see

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