Thursday 22 August 2019

Katrina Parrock is the all-Ireland winning captain of the Wexford senior camogie team

Q: What age did you start playing camogie at, what made you want to start? A: Started playing camogie at the age of 6, just to have fun and my brother got me started at it.

So i continued to play on and played with the boys up to u14 also. Which made me a better player. Q: Is camogie an every demanding sport would it interrupt your day to day life? A:Yeah Camogie can be demanding especially when working towards tournaments and championship can be very hard. But i play because i enjoy the sport and the wining feeling drives me on even more Q: How did you feel when you won the All Ireland final? A: Oh the all-ireland,, its funny people always ask you how do you feel after the final whistle etc,, it is such a feeling its hard to explain, after training since January, and the work each player puts in is unbelievable .To be on the winning team is something else. Q: Do you feel that a Mens sport is more recognised by the media as apposed to women's? Oh definitely and its obvious to everyone that womens sport is in the background of the mens sport. The media always seem to be focusing on the mens sport, but in fact the womens sport is just as good. As we have seen in Wexford back in 2007 and last year the women are the only ones winning in wexford Q: Do you feel that you and the team got the requisition you deserved when you won the All Ireland? Yeah you know the homecoming in wexford was great. Such a large turnout. We couldn't believe it going through the towns of wexford the amount of people out cheering at us. Looking back at the homecoming and the wexford people and echo papers coverage this will drive us on for this year. Q: If you had to give any one advice on being successful in sport what would it be? Be committed and enjoy it, no point in not enjoying what your doing.

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