Monday 18 December 2017

Kilmore 'Tops' in battle of parish talent


Anne Marie O'CONNOR

THE PRIDE OF the parish was at stake in Taghmon Community Centre on Friday night as the local Tops group pulled out the stops and the sequins to go head to head with Kilmore in the final of the 2010 competition.

However it was Josie Whelan's talented group, representing the Kilmore area, who proved to the be twinkle-toed tops and narrowly snatched top prize from Taghmon's clutches.

'It was a very exciting final and very close,' said Fr. David Murphy, who is one of the organisers for the South East Tops.'But, at the end of the day Kilmore were the winners. It was very close at the end. They won with only two points,' he said.

The adjudicators for the competition this year were Kildare duo, Vincent Crowley and David Walsh.

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