Monday 22 January 2018

Learning pays off as 26 earn certificates


IT WAS a day of celebration at St Michael's Hall as a group of young women were presented with certificates having recently completed courses facilitated by Wexford Local Development.

The courses covered a variety of modules including beauty therapy, customer service and communications. WLD education co-ordinator Angela Hogan explained that the courses focused on developing 'work readiness skills'.

Angela added that she was delighted with the performance by all 26 students who had demonstrated a keen desire to return to the workforce or further education.

Many of the women involved in the programmes are young mothers. One student, Sophie Kemp, was highly commended by her tutors for her commitment to the course given that she had a six week old baby at the time that the course began back in September.

The group of 26 students was made up of two groups.

The first group was of 11 students. This group had previously completed their beauty therapy and customer service modules with WLD and were this time receiving their FETAC Level 5 certificates in communications which they had completed through the VEC Back to Education Initiative. They will continue in further education and complete a number of other modules over the next two to three years.

Similarly the other 15 students have completed their beauty therapy and customer service modules this month and will now go on to take the communications module in the new year.

The courses are tailored to meet the needs of the young women. Classes are delivered on week day mornings so as to ensure that those who require childcare services can avail of these.

Any prospective students that may wish to enquire about up-coming classes run by WLD should contact Angela Hogan on 087-676962 or e-mail

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