Friday 26 April 2019

Lee's stunning sunsets on sale for MarineWatch

One of Lee's spectacular sunset pictures
One of Lee's spectacular sunset pictures

Anna Hayes

There has been huge interest in a selection of photographs, taken by local photographer Lee Robinson, after he announced that a limited number of each would be printed, with proceeds from the sales going to Wexford MarineWatch.

Last Tuesday evening, people all over Wexford found themselves stopping to look up at the celestial sky, as the sun set in the most spectacular fashion.

For local photographer Lee Robinson, it was an opportunity he almost missed!

'Edyta (Walkowska) and I were at home doing some photo editing. We were catching up on work because we got married ourselves two weeks ago. But we have a skylight in the room and Ed just said 'Wow, look at the sky'. I was afraid that we'd gone past the time for sunset because it is something that I watch out for but it was still really nice so I just legged it. I was like a child running out the door!'

Lee made his way first to Ferrycarrig where the water was perfect for photographs. After that, he headed across to Ferrybank to capture the scene over Wexford.

'It's probably the nicest sunset since 2004. I was in the right place at the right time, and I was lucky Ed saw it!'

Lee posted the photos on Facebook and almost immediately started getting requests for prints. From that, and given the location of the pictures, he decided to print a limited number of each image, sell them for €20, and donate any proceeds from the project to Wexford Marine Watch. He contacted the charity who were delighted with the gesture.

Lee added that some organisations have contacted them about getting large-scale versions of the images printed, saying that the images had definitely garnered attention from far and near.

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