Sunday 25 August 2019

Love lives and Hollywood endings

WE HAVE all seen the movies where the best friends who seem so wrong for each other, end up falling in love at the end. The movies with the girls following their crush out of school and around shops. Sometimes, life can feel like a movie with the drama and cringe-worthy moments. I talked to six boys and six girls on their attitudes towards boyfriends and girlfriends.

As I spoke with the girls, it seemed they were all looking for the same guy. Someone who is good looking firstly, but once you get to know them, you can see they have a good personality with a good sense of humour.

None of these girls were new to the relationship world as they've all had boyfriends before but only two girls were in current relationships and most of the others weren't looking for one either.

Talking to the boys didn't run as smoothly as it did with the girls. Possibly this occured because I'm a girl asking them personal questions. But they still seemed to be relaxed and it was fun and interesting to hear what they had to say.

A few of the boys had their first kiss younger than the girls and in both cases, they experienced their friends drifting away because of the fact that they had girlfriend.

When I asked them what they looked for in a girl, mostly they felt looks and personality were the main two features they would like in a girl.

It seemed the boys were more keen to be in a relationship than the girls but everyone felt that the opposite sex were fun and nice to be around. However, if you start fancying one of them it can get complicated and confusing which is why not everything can turn out so great! Even if some don't admit it, we all want someone to be the perfect ending to our movie.

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