Thursday 22 August 2019



IN RECENT years Ireland has entered an economic recession. Everyone is having tough times, and money is even tighter for us teenagers. Teenagers may have found that their social life is not as good as it once was, and money is not as easily available to us, as our parents may have become unemployed or taken a cut in salary. We need to realise, hard as it is to accept, that money is not as plentiful as it once was and that there are ways to make our money go further. It pays to save our money and shop around for the best deal on items such as phones, phone credit, fashion and entertainment. However, this mightn't be as easy as you think!

Young people should try to save as much money as possible, because we never know when a rainy day may come along. The best way to develop good saving habits is to make saving a regular practice. Banks and credit unions are some of the best ways to save.

We should try to save before we spend, as then we are less likely suffer from 'impulsebuy syndrome'!

As jobs are not as common as they once were, it may be hard for young people to find employment, such as summer jobs and weekend work, so saving whatever little money you may have is necessary.

Here are some of our suggestions on how to stretch your cash as far as possible: - Don't buy items on impulse. - Budget your money, don't try to spend more than what you know you have, or don't spend money that you know you will need for a later date. Try to save a little each week, and then your wealth will build. - Try to get a student card, as a lot of shops offer discounts. - Buy online, as many items can be found cheaper here. - Get haircuts on student discount days. Peter Mark offers 20 per cent off cutting and styling for all students from Monday to Thursday till 5 p.m. Other local salons usually have very reasonable prices. Rynhart Hair Design (Gorey and Ferns) offers a wash and blow-dry for as little €21. Also, call in and ask are they looking for models, as you might get a gorgeous new hairstyle out of it!

Another option is to make homemade masks and conditioners: mayonnaise makes a great conditioner, and raw eggs give your hair a great shine, as does putting a bit of vinegar in the final rinse. - Homemade skin products really do work! A sugar and honey body scrub will revitalise your tired skin, while a mashed avocado mask works on any skin type. So, start raiding the fridge for more than a midnight snack. - High-end fashion is now available in more affordable high street stores such as Forever 21, which is now in Ireland. - If your makeup is starting to look tired and beat, try these tips: thin out thick nail polish by putting a tiny drop of polish remover in the bottle and shake well. Revitalise your mascara by putting it in hot water for a while before opening it. And, if your lipstick is running out, use a brush to make the most of it.And t ry the makeup counters – you might get free samples! - Fashion and beauty products are one of the most popular ways that young people spend money. Out of a survey of 10 people, all 10 agreed that Penneys was one of the most fashionable and cheapest stores in the country, with H&M, Dunnes Stores, New Look, NoName, Vero Moda, Sports Savers, Zara and A|wear being other reasonably priced shops. - It pays to shop around for phone deals. Try not to take the first offer you receive, because there usually is a better one available. We found that most phone networks offer the same deals. The networks Vodafone, Meteor and O2 all offer both free text to any other network or free calls and texts to the same network for 30 days for as little as €20 a month. - Making your own lunch is also another great way to save money. By making your own lunch you can save a large amount of money rather than buying it in school or shops and paying over price for the exact same products. Aldi and Lidl offer high quality goods for a fraction of the price of some other places. If you bring your own bottled water or juice, you could save up to €10 each week. - Cinemas such as Storm in Waterford and Cineplex in Wexford offer good student rates on tickets and meal deals. Another great cheap way to have a great night is to rent a DVD from your local video store. - Cosmetics are very popular with adolescent girls and these beauty products can take over a large part of our lives and may also so consume most of our money. By asking your local beautician about some beauty tips and ways to apply makeup correctly you may save quite an amount of the product that you use and make it stretch further to decrease the amount you may need to purchase it. - Fitness has also become very important to young people and joining local gyms has become very popular in recent years. These memberships can be very expensive, and a lot more than a young person could afford. So local clubs and sports teams are great ways to keep fit without the large expense. - If you smoke, cut it out. Not only is it bad for your health and could kill you, by cutting it out you could save literally thousands of euro each year. - If your friends and you end up buying the same magazines month after month, start a magazine pool, whereby you buy one copy between all of you, and pass it around. Thereby you could save up to €15 a month! Also, most magazines and newspapers can be viewed online now. - You know those really pretty tops you have in the back of your wardrobe? Yeah, the ones you never wore, just bought because they looked so pretty… swap one for the really pretty skirt your friend has, that was bought for the exact same reason! Swap among all your friends for a free revamp on your wardrobe. - Vintage is so Vogue! If you want that extraspecial, one of a kind look, try diving into the racks in a vintage shop. - If all else fails and you're still absolutely skint, try asking in your school about a summer work scheme, or about being a Junior or Leaving Cert exam attendant.