Saturday 21 September 2019

Mosaic unveiled


IT WOULD seem that it is the end of an era at Kennedy Park N.S. where after four and a half years of hardwork the community art and garden project has come to an end.

To mark this special occasion an inspirational new mosaic mural was officially unveiled at the school.

The mosaic was created by a group of parents and grandparents connected to the school over the past nine months.

Volunteers involved in the Art side of the project created an 'internal mixed media mosaic art piece'.

The piece uses the external environment as inspiration for a design which embraces the ethos of the school. Significantly, the mosaic itself is composed of recycled materials.

However, this is just one aspect to the work which has been carried out as part of this initiative which bridges the relationship between the home and school communities.

The work was carried out with support from the County Wexford VEC Community Education Service.

The result is an amazing Organic Garden within the school grounds for all to enjoy, and many inspirational visual art pieces installed throughout the garden and school.

The community volunteers worked under the supportive guidance and direction of horticulturist Betsy Hickey and artist Helen McLean.

Betsy and Helen shared their expertise and have supported the community volunteers to develop their own ideas for the Organic Garden and Art Project.

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